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For clear runny noses


For clear runny noses and strengthening the upper respiratory system at the beginning of a cold  Respirokid is formulated from the root of the onion plant, whose healing properties are well known to all of us, and among them, its significant contribution in coping with clear and watery mucus, and its general ability to strengthen the upper respiratory system. This is an important extract for every home!



may be taken by dropper in a teaspoon up to 10 times in 24-hour period.
In case of severe discomfort, repeat the dosage every 30 minutes until relief.
We recommend discarding 60 days after opening.


recommended serving:
Babies 2 weeks to 3 month of age: 3 drops
Infants3 to 12 months of age: 6 drops
Children 12 months and older: 10 drops
Adults: 20 drops