Babies & Children

Babies & Children


There is no parent who is unfamiliar with teething. Teething creates lots of discomfort before a tooth breaks through the gum.

Chamokid’s time-proven formula is based on the Chamomile plant known for its calming and pain-relieving properties.


One of the most distressing phenomena in babies is colic.

Likokid is based on the extract of the lycopodium plant, which is known for its ability to relieve digestive discomfort and gas in babies as well as balance the digestive system.


As parents we always want to strengthen our children’s health and immunity system.

 Vaccinokid is a thoroughly researched and developed formulation based on astragalus plant, known for its abilities to strengthen the immune system and combat viruses and germs.


Many babies and children suffer from excessive mucus and coughing.

Krokid is based on powerful properties of saffron plant, which is well-known in alternative medicine for its properties to treat excess mucus.


Easykid is a formulation developed especially for young children from the extracts of Pimpinella anisum, Carum carvi and Foeniculum vulgare that are widely used for the treatment of constipation. The plants also have antispasmodic action and are considered to be a safe alternative treatment for constipation.


Sleep medicines are not a solution for young children and even teenagers. Sleepokid is a formula based on the extracts of three plants: chamomila, pasiflora and valeriana edulis, which are known for its mild sedative properties. 

Sleepokid helps improve the kids’ sleep quality and relax a child in the event of emotional or physical distress.

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